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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 30, 2012 8:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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we beseech your blessing on all who depart from here this evening and all those in every land to seek to conduct their lives in freedom. most of all all mighty god we thank you for the great gift of our beloved country. we are indeed one nation in god. in god we trust. dear god, bless america. you who live and reign forever and ever, amen. >> cardinal dolan, an outspoken critic of the obama administration on the health care law over the issue of religious freedom. tonight, a closing prayer. that is all. >> our business having been completed do now adjourn.
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>> thank you. >> and thank you. >> and now the motion to adjourn all those in favor will say goodbye by saying aye. >> aye. and that concludes the 2012 republican national convention stands adjourned. >> there, you have it. official close. and john boehner closing under the event that wound up being three thanks to what became hurricane isaac. mitt romney and ann romney enter the general election. -- mitt romney and paul ryan enter the election. we're getting reaction from the obama campaign, the headline, quote there was no big idea here. let's bring in our panel. charles krauthammer, and steve hays and brit human. >> just thoughts. i thought you highlighted
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correctly the critical run of the speech. and this was a speech, this was not a storied speech this, was not a speech that designed to move an audience. though romney at times was moved. this was a solid speech this, was a good speech. this was in the a great speech. and when he finally took a rever yens to president obama's famous line about when the seas begin to recede ask took a pause and said my promise is help you and your family. the place exploded. which is very interesting. because what you had here was a substitution it seemed to me for the soaring rhetoric of the president and his promises for the very simple promise and workman like promise he is going make things better and the judgment i think he was asking people to make upon him tonight is am i someone you can trust to do this job to make things better to replace this failed president with a
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set of policies and a set of people who will succeed? i don't -- i, we don't know whether he succeeded in that. but it seems to me that is what he was trying to do. >> steve this, almost seems like the message that was permeating throughout the convention. that it was all a set up to this, that he's a doer. he gets things done and he may not be flashy. and mae not tell stories about what he did but he's a guy that can turn the economy around. >> this is a straight forward and direct appeal. >> he's sympathetic with president obama. >> people who may have voted for him and may not have voted for him but like the guy this, was a direct appeal at times. there are sections in the speech where mitt romney seems to be saying it's okay. it's okay to be disappointed. a lot of us are disappointed. come, join us. i agree with brit. the goal of the speech was to
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present mitt romney where people watching him tonight deliver the speech and thinking i can see that guy as president, i think he succeeded on that level. i was struck by the contrast that br tismt pointed out and in a sense from paul ryan's speech, last night. paul ryan's speech was, i would argue ideological speech this, was not, i thought this, was a broad critique of the president. but at times you had mitt romney saying in affect his ideas just didn't work and as if they might have plaus bli worked. paul ryan last night argue there'd is no way these ideas were going to work. these ideas never worked. mitt romney saying they could have worked, they didn't. >> there was a question about whether mitt romney will succeed in connecting with americans. in a way he hasn't thus far. he did not seem to put that much effort into that by talking a lot about himself. he talked about missing his
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boys, having the fights in living room and doing loundry. the build up talked about several families they had a dying young son that came over and helped a child and another man talked about how a girl went missing who is a daughter of a business partner of his and mitt romney organized a search. they went and found the girl and reunited her with the family. all sorts of families talk btd caring and love he showed for people in need. and he came up here and let other people dot bidding on that. where do we stand on that? >> that is who he is. if he becomes president he will not be known as a great connector. he may be known for a lot of other things but that is not what he does. i thought he did try to the best of his ability and i thought it worked out effectively to very plain spoken review of his life. and showing you know, again,
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not trying to go over all of those wonderful stories, leaving that to others. but showing a personal side of him to humanize himself. because he has been demonized by the obama administration. i don't think he had a high barre he had to meet because of how badly he's been portrayed. i found the speech a very interesting combination of deeply personal, and yet, intentionally -- intensely nationalist. i thought the importance of the line about obama being concerned about the globe and the oceans, and then, saying i am going to be concerned about you, obama lives on the moon, he's a citizen of the world. and he pro claimed himself in that speech he gave in berlin in 2007. he says i'm your president. this is a unique country. we're not interested in that. we're not going to go abroad and apologize. those lines of foreign policy
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lines in an election that is overwhelmingly about the economy got the most applause and the most energy from the crowd. because he was saying one thing. obama has not succeeded and he has failed not just you and your family but the nation because america, this stuck. this stagnant is not one that we understand and not one we can be proud of. >> brit did he have a barre to cross? did he cross it? >> it's often said this is the make or break moment for a presidential candidate. most times, it's not. i suspect tonight it was not. and one recalls ronald reagan's speech in 1980. he went on to become president. one thinks of prarngs i do remember george hw bush's speech in 1988. he had to cross a barr skpe. peggy nunan wrote a terrific
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speech for him z then, it helped him. in the end larger things than individual speeches decided these things. and my guess that the barr sex not that high. >> what gets through to the american nempeople? >> solid guy. does he come aconsiders someone you trust? the answer for a great many people is probably yes. >> panel, thank you. >> i'll tell what you gets through. clint eastwood. a lot of people are going to be talking about that, tomorrow we're live on the convention and we're going to have more on governor romney's speech as our coverage continues live in tampa. don't go away. >> stay with us. ry and abigail higgins had...
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you can spend more time sharing your passions. wow. [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] with the people who matter most. i love you grandpa! i love you grandma! now you're a real fisherman. [ male announcer ] humana. balloons still popping here and the party continues all around tampa, tonight. >> that is right. we're live on the convention floor. you're not popping balloons are you? >> i had to pop a few to move back two feet. at one point we're up to the waist in them. thousands of balloons. and it was a very strong night over all, marco rubio got a huge response from people around us and mitt romney about as -- did as well f there is a scene for what mitt romney tried to establish tonight is that he's compassionate, and that he's capable z that is what we saw there tonight.
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a man compassionate and capable. you've outlined stories told. one of the lines that got everybody enthusiastic is in america we celebrate success. we don't apology pol jiz for success. the mind goes back to the times when people asked to sort of embrace his success at bain, to own it and that is a choice of how a campaign is made now them want to own the success, and all of the examples of people given tonight. in the end, they have reached tout hispanics and women, he talked about his mother running for is that tonight. they need to move the needle after this convention is over. they have to come out of this moving in polls. and to make this convention come off as a success. >> back to you. >> thank you. >> martha got to talk to the guy from guam. we have to go back to see what
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is live on the floor. >> a couple observations from the front row. mitt romney came out tonight on that long walk among delegates here arriving at the stage and put his hand in the air it was clear emotion overcame him. there were tears in his eyes. emotion was a threat he worked throughout that speech. the other thread was patriotism. he talked about his father bringing his mother a rose every day, the place fell silent. mitt romney was fighting back tears to get to that moment. this is why they came to tampa with a shortened week and a night off monday, some people have been here fr a week waiting for the moment tonight to coordinate him as their candidate. if you talked to delegates in his state of michigan where mitt romney was born they believe they can win that state and will tell it that
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way. they believe mitt romney is out to fix things and think they america needs fixing. they think they've got the right guy at the right time z 60 days we'll find out. back to you. >> bill, thank you. >> we've been keeping track of how governor romney's speech is going on twitter. fox news is here is with result autos we heard applause in the hall and heard some of the strongest minds anna highs the speech. but what about you? what did you think? we're going look at how many people were tweeting about the speech during governor romney's speech to give you a context. in a minute a week ago he would get about 155 tweets per minute. and that is more than most folks do. let's take a look at meft-tweeted moments in this speech. he talked about what he wanted to do is fight for your family,
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12,000 tweets. when talking about the destiny of the united states, 13,144 tweets. and there at the end, you see, it was building up through. and before that, when he talked about vladimir putin and the flexibility that the president had talked about wanting to have after the election, 13,267 tweets. the spike continued to go on after the speech was over and as a matter of fact, we're told by our partners at twitter more than the president's state of the union address for mitt romney here, tonight. let's take a look at the week. how did governor romney stack up to the rest? and you can see, ann romney giveth place, paul ryan, fourth place. and clint eastwood over 7,000. and marco rubio almost 9,000 but there at the top of the
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heap, former massachusetts governor with more than 14,000 by now, i'm sure. and so that this is about what they wanted for the governor. back to you. >> chris, thank you very much. >> you know, michael reagan comes on our afternoon show tonight, romney could not be better when dad died we lost america's cheerleader. tonight we have a new one. bravo. he was a reagan and he was romney. we'll find out soon whether that is good enough for the american people. >> you mentioned these other stories from family who's knew mitt romney. pat and ted professional firefighter 27 years, their son, david, 14 years old died of limp foama. and mitt romney going to the house and being with the child. and you wonder what permeates out from a convention just judging by reaction on twitter. that could be one story. >> we're just -- ther
8:47 pm
another chapter. there is a long way to go. think about where we've been. from the beginning primaries, and then, we'll have the debates coming up in the general election. >> this raised a good point. these stories you and i lived thchl i hadn't heard a lot of those before and i didn't know about the little boy how mitt romney helped him do his will and helped the family. americans like us need to know mitt romney wet better. >> that is it for us tonight. on the record starts right after the break. thanks for being with us. >> thank you so much.
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>> greta: governor mitt romney now officialry the g.o.p. presidential nominee. >> mr. chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> the center piece of the president's entire reelection campaign is attacking success. is it any wonder someone who attacks success has led the worst economic recovery since the great redepregs? now is a time to restore the promise of america.
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many americans have given up on this president but haven't ever thought about giving up. not on themselves, not on each other, and not on america. what is needed is not complicated or profound. doesn't take a special commission to tell whaus america needs. but america needs is jobs. lots of jobs. president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. and heal the planet. my promise is to help you and your family.
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>> greta: we're coming to you live from tampa, florida. governor romney just gave the biggest speech of his life and in just moments, utah senator oren hatch. we start with virginia governor bob mcdonald. >> nice to see you. >> a lot of the speech about jobs and he says -- governor romney says i have a plan to create 12 million new jobs. is there a magic pill? >> no. it starts with a basics of low taxes, regulation, litigation. being positive about success. you heard him talk about that tonight. entrepreneurship. rewarding small businesses is a big part of the plan. just being positive about our economy. i mean the leader of the free world can help a lot in his tone, president obama comes to virginia and said you didn't
8:53 pm
build that, someone else made that happen. mitt romney says i believe in you. it's a big change. >> greta: you mentioned your home state, virginia. president obama just with there. tomorrow is the first stop of your party's official nominee. >> enthusiasm is different. president obama in charlottesville, half the crowd he drew two years ago. and we have front row seats at the convention. governor romney thinks virginia is important. you know we're a conservative state. president obama did a good job four years ago. up lifting and positive one. now, it's small ball. it's tax returns and social issues and division. big contrast to the optimism you saw tonight. with that vision of american exceptionalism. i left inspired and i think he'll continue from a dead heat now and win virginia.
8:54 pm
>> we had a surprise guest tonight. clint eastwood. we have some sound from this. >> i'd just like to say something ladies and gentlemen. something that i think is very important. you, we, we own this country. thank you. but yes, we own it. and it's not you owning it. and not politicians owning it. politicians are employees of ours. and, uh... so... they're just going to come around and beg for votes every few years. it's the same old deal. i think it's important that you realize that you're the
8:55 pm
best in the world. and whether you're a democrat or republican, or whether you're a libertarian or whatever you're the best. we should not ever forget that. when someone does not do the job we've got to let them go. let them go. >> yes. >> the message if he's not doing the job let him go. do you worry, twitter out there in twitterland it's on fire about the controversy over him on stage tonight. >> this is unusual to have a
8:56 pm
hollywood actor out there supporting a republican in the first place. i think despite this it may not have work toad well with the empty chair that one line was powerful. if someone snot doing the job you've got to let him go. athat is mitt romney's message as well. the lofty promises about say it in the oceans or cooling the planet. he said i just want to help you and your family. debt is through the roof. and mitt romney came through as a problem solver. i think that is what clint eastwood was trying to say. >> if you think there is too much talk about clint eastwood, do you think that it's sort of regrettable it may have may diverted from the intention of the speech? even from senator rubio's speech? >> you have 58 speakers. some were home runs, and that is what people are going to
8:57 pm
remember. people don't vote for actors they're going to vote for who the president of the united states is going to be. he needed to do three things. humanize himself which he did with his life story, touching moment about his dad putting roses on his mom's table. saying with a contrast and how he can make it better. >> governor, nice to see you okay. thank autos coming up, we have much more live from tampa on this final convention night. ron johnson, florida congressman alan west and connie mac joining us. and our famous political panel, they're all here, you're going hear from them all as "on the record" continues from tampa bay. [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options
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with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. we're back live in tampa, florida. the convention building up to this night. governor mitt romney accepting the nomination. >> we weren't always successful in bane but no one is in the real world of business. that is what this president doesn't seem to understand. business and growing jobs is about taking risks, sometimes failing. and sometimes succeeding but striving. and this is about dreams, usually it doesn't work out exactly as you might have imagined.
9:01 pm
steve jobs was fired at apple z then, he came back and changed the world. it's the genius of the american free enterprise system to harness the extraordinary create activity and talent and industry of the american people with a system that is dedicated to creating tomorrow's prosperity. >> we want to continue to be the greatest nation on the planet and must give our kids what we promised them. an equal opportunity. that starts in the classroom. it starts in our community. and it starts where you live. and it starts with electing mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> growing up i had a plaque that read life battles don't always go to the fastest or strongest. sooner or later those who win are those who think they can. we've been a people with big dreams and limitless phone
9:02 pm
shall. after all this, is america. >> our problem with president ob yaum isn't that he is a bad person. okay? by all accounts he, too, is a good husband and a good father. and thanks to practice, a good golfer. our problem is not that he's a bad person. our problem that he's a bad president. >> okay. you want to make my day? all right. >> and nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you this is they say it's a swing state. and the conventions here so tell me what are you going to do because i assume you're going to pound the pavement as a state that goes to the governor romney column. >> that is right. we're going travel tomorrow and over the weekend. we're going to continue to campaign, as you know i'm running for united states senate here in florida. if mitt romney wins i win. and if i win, mitt romney
9:03 pm
wins. i look forward to working with him and for him. >> you mention your senate race. it's a rough race, i've seen the ads. >> it's sad. it's sad that he's a 40 year career politician out of character for him to just go negative the way he has. doesn't have one good idea to put forth to the people in the state of florida. he wants to smear my character. >> greta: are you firing back? >> we're rising above it this, is about telling our kids they can dream big and reach for the stars. we want to talk about what is going to move fork merd not looking back in the rear view mirror and attacking someone's character. >> sean:. >> tonight he talked about women a lot. he talked about the hard work of his wife whark she does and her great speech the other night. and talked about having more than half of his cabinet with women. it seemed to me this was a
9:04 pm
recognition that this is a targeted area he needs to do work in. >> it's a recognition to win we need more votes from women and need to tell our story. as i travel around the state of florida i hear this division coming out of the administration, women are looking for jobs and want to see jobs and the economy get back on track. so this is a great message to them he put out there is a plan to create 12 million jobs. >> we need it. >> people are hurting in state of california and around the country. we need people to get us on the right track. >> greta: have you seen many undecided here in this state? what percentage? >> people are starting to pay attention. the conventions are when people start to kind of tune in. they're fog makeup yir minds. right now they're worried about getting kids to school
9:05 pm
and practices. and this is a serngs that the convention sort of the rev up the party so the party goes out and campa and try to create the state forward. >> people are paying attention because they're hurting so much. again, with unemployment so high, people are looking for who is the candidate that can turn this country around is in the best ideas? who understands what it's like to create jobs? so they're looking at mitt romney giving him a look and saying ke do it? >> my guess is that there is a lot of discussion about clint eastwood and his introduction. and do you want to give us your thought. >> i'm a huge clint eastwood fan. i grew up watching those spaghetti westerns. i thought he was funny and a good deal. waits nice to have someone
9:06 pm
from hollywood on our side for once. >> greta: we'll see what the reaction is and it's generating a lot of on the wint net. >> and jeb bush speaking at convention and home state of florida. >> my brother, well, i love my brother. he is a man of integrity, courage and honor. during incredibly challenging times, he kept us safe. so mr. president, mr. president, it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for failed economic policy.
9:07 pm
you were dealt a tough hand. you were dealt a tough hand but your policies not worked. in the fourth year of your presidency a real leader would accept responsibility for his actions and you haven't done it. >> wisconsin senator ron johnson joins us. nice to see you. >> hello, how are you doing? >> good. >> we heard jeb bush talk about the stop blaming his brother. that he was dealt a bad hand but policy not working. is that how you see his argument? >> that is what the president has been doing. and the fact of the matter is that he had total control of the government ask could pass anything he wanted to. his choice.
9:08 pm
to concentrate on passing a stimulus. and it was his decision to try to take over the health care system and that didn't lower family premiums from $2500 a year, premiums are up by $2500 per year. >> if he failed on different areas and this true he has the senate and the house, and why, why is there not a greater division in numbers? why isn't governor romney having a runway number here? >> a lot of people aren't paying attention yet. i think when the case is made, people will start paying attention. those facts will get into the public mind set. i think in the end americans will take a look at this president's lack of leadership and decide we can't afford another four years. >> and with governor romney's speech he used the name president jimmy carter. that is sort of one of the
9:09 pm
buttons republicans push about jimmy carter. where there particular things that struck and stuck out with you in this speech? >> when he kind of talked about how president obama guaranteed rise of the oceans would slow governor romney says what he's going to worry about is your and your families. i that i is what this convention has been about. certainly governor romney, paul yin caring about every american making sure every american has an opportunity to build a good life and the way we do that is not by growing government about recognizing what made this country great and freedom. >> i thought when mentioning that that, i thought that was a declaration of war, one that he didn't need on environmentals. he could have the job argument without going into that. >> and this is talking about
9:10 pm
how there is a vision of what he can accomplish and wants this vote soet with a group of people in control of our lives and what governor romney understands honestly how you do create jobs through the private sector not a grand vision of the collective society. that doesn't work. >> the vice president nominee, from wisconsin do you have thoughts on how congressman paul ryan did? >> paul did what he needed to do. looked into the camera and talked to millions of americans and conveyed who was. just a kind, decent and caring down to earth individual as well as showing knowledge on the budget. not only engaging minds but touched thifr hearts with stories about his mother and grandmother. we both know what a great guy paul is. it's going to be difficult to
9:11 pm
demonize him. >> and president obama won in wisconsin by 14 points. then recalled and won by a larger margin. now, they're neck and neck. it's interesting to watch how politics in wisconsin shiflted in four years. >> but people haven't changed. people by and large are conservative there. is a notion government ought to live within its means. that is what we have to do. we have budgets ask have to balance them. we think the government ought to balance it's budget. people of wisconsin watch the president take the country on a path where we've enoccurred this incredible amount of debt and this is a moral -- immoral. >> greta: do you think president obama is watching tonight? >> i would think so. yes. i would be watching if i were him. >> do you intend to watch the democratic convention? >> and and we can see how it responded to. there is a
9:12 pm
pivotal moment in history. >> greta: every four years seems to important. how funny to me it seems so. >> i cannot ever remember a clear choice for a more, a point where america is in such peril when there is no one in sight we have had no leadership out of this president. and i know we sthai but americans need to think about what leadership and responsibility. >> i don't understand why senator harry reid won't put a budget up. >> they don't want to put their fingerprints on it. >> greta: and i'm with you on that one. we should at least discuss budgets. figuring out what we need to do. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> and florida senator marco rubio once on the short list for vice president. he did get a prime time speaking role tonight. >> this new slogan for his
9:13 pm
campaign is the word forward. forward? a government that spends $1 trillion more than it takes in? an $800 billion stimulus creating more debt than jobs? a government intervention into health care paid for with higher taxes and cuts to medicare, scores of new rules and regulations? these ideas don't move us forward. these ideas move us backward. america is the story of every day people. who did extraordinary things. a story woven into the fabric of our society. their stories may never be famous but in the lives they lived, you will find essence of america's greatness. and to make sure that america is still a place where tomorrow is always better than yesterday, that is what our politics should be about. and that is what we are deciding this election. >> greta: florida congressman
9:14 pm
alan west joins us. >> thank you. >> greta: was a good for florida to host this convention? >> i think a great thing for florida to host this convention. we're hosting final debate in boca raton. >> helps be the swing state. >> it helps to be a swing state. we're make sure we're going to swing it in the right direction. >> greta: do you, are you stats fied? your a tea party -- is that a. >> i'm a grass roots guy. >> greta: g are you 100% fats saths fied with your ticket? >> i am. when you look at the case they've made, they made the case about contrast between governing philosophyes and fiscal responsibility and free marketplace ideas and a strong national defense opposed to what we see, i think it's telling when you have that debt clock up there and debt incurred since the start of
9:15 pm
the convention. >> i got a note from a colleague, $8.5 billion during the course of the republican convention is a lot of money. >> a lot of money. >> greta: you can do a lot with that money. i'm curious. you traveled this state, this is older population. the whole issue about medicare. are they, are the citizens asking you about medicare and worried?. >> this is important thing. we've had a constant conversation with our constituents over in the east coast, gold coast, so they understand that the report has medicare going bankrupt in 12 years, nine years after that, social security. they understand with the $716 billion in cuts. and $247 billion to part b. they understand doctors are dropping them off medicare coverage. they don't want to see them because of the lowering of the reimbursement rate and understand we need to have a permanent or after the least a
9:16 pm
10 year dock ticks. >> does that mean they're willing to have the discussion because republicans are putting discussion on the table? >> i think more than willing to have the discussion. and to trust us because at least we're having a plan. not sitting around demonizing people. and when you get caught in an ambush important thing to do is do something. for democrats to sit around and point fingers at republican that's is not what leadership is about. >> you have a distinguished military career. you wanted someone with a military background on the ticket. didn't get that. >> it's concerning that for the first time in 77 years we have a sitting president and a vice president and candidates also for the same offices that have never served in the military, i think the important thing is someone such as myself to sit on the armed services committee, 22 years will be there to provide consult and advice to the room
9:17 pm
knee-ryan ticket to make sure we do the right things for our military when we have these obama defense cuts. >> greta: nice to see you, sir. >> a pleasure. >> up them., oren hatch is here. the biggest night of the republican national convention. how did mitt romney do? we're going to ask senator hatch, next. >> you know there is something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. or da, like redhead everest hikers for under $20. and a bear creek spotting scope for under $80. plus stop by our hometown festival this weekend for free family activities,@ food and giveaways.
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running for senate. and this is clearly that on this radar screen he wanted to mitt the -- hit the women issue. >> i was pleased that he made it clear his wives work was more important than his because it was. and i know my wife we have good kids and kids and grandkids. she's a good woman. >> what pain immediate a little bit is that he said in the speech he said and i will guarantee america's first liberties. the freedom of religion. i think of the observings of his religion. here he's saying i'm going protect your religion. there has been sniping. >> we in our faith believe in
9:22 pm
freedom of religion. i'm the author of a book religious freedom restoration act. i feel deeply about religious liberty though we've gone through pains and problems and death at some of our church leaders and we've handled a lot of prejudice against our faith. people know us know we believe in what we're doing. all we're trying to do is live the teachings of jesus christ. >> greta: some of the thing that's people have said are just like, you know, don't they know about freedom of religion. now we have to have a president make that announcement. his has been criticized he will protect yours. >> look at what the president did. recent decisions to allow insurance companies they're going to force them on the churches and church hospitals but there is an uproar.
9:23 pm
they said well we'll force the insurance companies to pay for it. that doesn't solve the problem. you know? there are different beliefs and we should respect each other's beliefs but there have been cases of infringement of religion. i'm concerned bit in our society. we had a way for any of the principles our society won't be as great. >> greta: we like freedom of speech and freedom of the press we like that one, too. >> i thought you might like that a lot. >> and how about video of the family? >> you know, he has a really good family. and is right, ann is the, deserves credit for those five boys but he set an example, too. he told them he loved them and went out of his way to make sure they had opportunities like they should have had. and that is to say he's a good
9:24 pm
father. i know him. i know some of the boys they're outstanding young men. a lot of them -- one of them is my good friend in salt lake, we walk together that. is josh. he's the middle son. he's successful himself. and do you have a problem with the clint eastwood speech tonight? and some of the sort of code saying something included about the president? >> i love clint eastwood. he's such a character and such a great character at ta. and he's got guts to be in the movie industry and support mitt romney over the president i thought was very, very g my personal belief monitor must have stopped on him but that doesn't make a difference. clint is up there in age. i've got to tell you to come out there in front of those people whooping and yell asking so forth to stand up
9:25 pm
for mitt romney the way he did, i thought it made a lot of sense. and i love him for it. >> i have to ask you impressive mrs. romney's speech. she ron owned the room. >> oh. yes. i think mrs. romney hit it out of the park. i thought one of the beast speeches. condoleezza rice was terrific. i thought there are some wonderful women speeches here which isn't always the case. and they don't get a chance sometimes but they had a lot of chance was this nominee for president. >> and senator, nice to see you great to see you coming up, what ever one wants to know. who might governor romney put in his cabinet? and did the g.o.p. get a message across this week? carl rove and joe trippi are still here. we have more live from tampa, stay with us.
9:26 pm
>> my opponent says he'll race as a last resort or a third resort wh. a politician talks like that, you know that is one resort he'll be checking into. >> my opponent won't rule out raising taxes but i will and the congress will push me to raise tax asks i'll say no. and they'll push and i'll say no. and they'll push again i'll say to them... read my lips. no new taxes. you see us, at the start of the day.
9:27 pm
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>> with hotwire's low prices,
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i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ every day, dad gave mom a rose on her bedside table that. is how she found out what happened on the day my father died. she went looking for him because that morning, there was no rose. my mom and dad were true partners. a life lesson that showed me by every day example. my mom ran for senate my dad was there every step of the way. i can see her saying why should women have any less say than men about the great decision facing our nation? >> greta: we're back live in
9:30 pm
tampa. did republicans get their message across this week? carl rove is here and democratic strategist joe trippi joins us. the last one about his mother, finding out his father died made us stop in our track autos absolutely. i like to respond but j joe has been up sit i get the last word in. >> the first word. he gets the last word. >> and go on. >> i'm going to let have you the last word tonight. first and last word i believe is the best way to begin next week. >> i thought romney did very well tonight. i thought a very good night. the other thing one thing i was reminded of by this final night is that it's, i love the last night of the convention. every party should get one night, every four years to make its case. without the other party kicking the living day lights out of it.
9:31 pm
let them tell their story. i think romney got his chance tonight. i don't have much to criticize bit. i'm sure there are thing that's will get kicked around but i really thought he did well tonight. i do. >> do you have anything to say to that? >> a agree. >> and i agree that romney talked about his himself in a revealing personal way. you mentioned one of the obvious love he talked about his father and acknowledgement of the role he played in his life. did he a good job of laying out his plan. if you pay close attention of the campaign but five points of what i want to do north american energy independence, give american people skills to succeed, trade that works for america. you know? the idea of championing small business, putting our fiscal house in order. he gave what i am about. a important thing is the sense of optimism and hope that he
9:32 pm
projected. and he had a critique but the note of we're a country deserving more and that can achieve more we're a country that his capable of great things and great opportunity i thought was an important note struck each night and built tonight for first marco rubio then, governor romney. >> one of the thing goesing on is that people still to this -- feel like they don't know mitt romney. >> why have they singled out he mitt romney of candidates people don't know? >> i think what happened was that the normally you can get a chance to do that in primaries and that didn't happen. and there is when he kept
9:33 pm
getting interrupted and had to fight someone off. in the summer i believe the obama campaign about d.a great job of yelling smoke. >> i think people don't know him. i think four yearsing ayes everybody knows but he's just one of those private reserve guys having been through this once myself in this situation, george w. bush was known by people. and if you dug underneath. by the time the convention in august, 2000 a large number of the american people still didn't know a lot about him z he used his speech to launch ompblg states, same thing happened with his father. people didn't think that i was a oor war hero and didn't know about early years in the oil patch this, is -- we pay
9:34 pm
attention to this. and the critical voters in this election have only recently begun absorbing information. and there is -- they think people know whot president s it's hard to change opinions. they love him or don't or blame him for things. and this thing is that ob yaum ka campaign has been trying to seize on that 30% to make sure they know about bane. this is a chance for romney to tell his side of it. i think he did a good job. the question is did that break through in the way they're trying to move towards them? there is probably a bump out of this. question is how much did they get back next week?
9:35 pm
and will carl rove give obama his night? >> all right. here is the question. which would you rather have? first or second one? >> you're stuck with what it s look. >> and this is if you try these this is like a giant ocean liner. if you try to turn it it's hard to do. there is another point. one of disappointment and sorrow and regret and there is not malice, not anger, in fact the closest he can e.came is mocking him when he says the pledge was to begin to halt the rise of the oceans. and to heal the planet. his promise is that i'll help your family. the crowd loved this speech. the real question is what did
9:36 pm
american people say? that is where they were caming it. and have a sense of disappointment. >> i agree with his tone was perfect tonight. and what is strange about it is that how ryan's wasn't that tone and there is a campaign teamed -- seemed to do harsh hits. i think the whole -- whole convention should have bee been -- should have done the tone the way romney did tonight. >> thank you both. >> and up next, what might a romney cabinet look like? could the answer sway undecided voters? next. >> would you rather have first or second? >> the only change is the hope of our defiance. now... sadly, millions are
9:37 pm
insecure about their future but instead of inspiring us he divides us against each other telling americans they're worse off because ornlz are better off that rich people got rich by making other people poor. hope and change has become divide and conquer. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to experience the ultimate expression of power... control. [ engine revs ] during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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and first let's go to our new york newsroom with the other headlines. mary ann? >> isaac down graded to a tropical depression but flood waters continue to be a problem in several gulf states, one levy in southeastern louisiana was breeched understood to loosen pressure. 500 people forced from homes and two deaths it's gn a grim reminder of hurricane katrina which devastated the area in 2005. >> and you can see these people did so much to rebuild their lives. just seven years aggie and you know, so much is devastated again. >> water released near the louisiana -- mississippi porder and nearly a million people are with out power. and incoming days they'll be giving much-needed water to drought-stricken states in the area. now back to "on the record".
9:41 pm
>> i'm running for president to help create a better future where everybody who wants a job can find a job and snow no senior fears for the security of their retirement and an america where every parent knows their child will get a education and i have a plan to create 12 million new jobs. >> republican pick tikit is set but that is only the beginning of some undecided voters might want to know what might a romney like. is there a discussion about we get an idea if governor romne romney -- what kind of administration? he says when it comes to foreign policy he turns to several former secretaries of state, including condy rice
9:42 pm
who a lot of people thought stole the show here the night she spoke. she had a lot of good lines but how we can't lead from behind that got a standing ovation. where she would be interested or not, who knows but he's talking about leadership and loves meg whitman from hewlett-packard. i stopped her tonight and asked her, hey, any chance you'll join the cabinet? and she said nope. i made a commitment to turn around hewlett-packard so i'm not going to go join the romney speculation. >> if asked. and. >> you have to, if you thought your country was calling and needed you that would be persuasive. >> it'sing you mentioned the women there is an emphasis on the women at the convention. you had a pret regood seat on the floor. >> i did. i was probably 20 feet away from the -- i'm covering it. i had a standing place about
9:43 pm
20 feet from the vip box where the ryans were sitting and several of the romneys. we try to read their lips and what they're saying and senator rubio came by and we saw the two of them chat and have a little man hug. and we can hear ryan say to him you did a great job man, awesome job. so there was a lot of love there in the vip box tonight its exciting this is when the balloons start coming down at the end. you can't help but feel excited. >> my dag bag is full of confetti. it keems coming and people are celebrating. this is something they celebrated for a year or more for folk who's are volunteers but balloons seemed like they would never stop come. >> greta: tomorrow, romneys and governor romney and congressman ryan are heading from this swing state to virginia. so another swing state. >> it's interesting. we didn't know how much they'd campaign together but they seem to feel comfortable
9:44 pm
together and feel that is an effective way to campaign. >> and you can cover two events with two people. and you can get two spots. >> i'm sure we'll see a lot of that, too. their families have fun. they're tweeting out pictures of the ryan children with romney grandchildren. seems like a happy tour bus when together. >> greta: any sense of the confidence level? >> sometimes, it's hard, it's just cheer leading and people are so excited and this is the ticket they've been waiting for but i do feel there is a balance. we've looked over several convention there's is a wall to the ticket whether holding onto it, we'll see. now, we transition into charlotte. >> greta: governor palin has a six point bounce. shannon, nice to see you. coming up next our famous political panel is here. and you'll want to stay up a bit longer just to hear what they have to say, next. also coming up pliblging making way for partying.
9:45 pm
getting ready, rip jenkins danced last night takes you live to a journey concert coming up. >> i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy and what they said is amazing. over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement
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9:48 pm
governor mitt romney is officially the republican presidential nominee from. business and jobs to housing to mid east peace he has gone on the record. >> you know my job record is substantial over the years, i've been in business 25 years helping create tens of thousands of jobs. you know how the economy worked. i've worked creating real jobs not just watching jobs being
9:49 pm
created by others. >> housing market here in the united states. people can't sell houses and people unemployed may find a job in another community but can't sell their house. a president romney would do what for the housing community. how fast would anyone see relief from it? >> my first four years if i'm lucky enough to become president i will go to work to get the economy working again. there are a series of thing that's have to be done to make the economy the power house we need to be for this 21 century and to put people back to work. i've laid out steps, energy policy, they relate to trade policies and rule of law. and our education system work force training ask immigration and balancing our federal budget. >> there is no question for thus president failed when it comes to caring for the american people. as a result of the policy, the part we're seeing a higher degree of poverty, record level of poverty.
9:50 pm
a 30% of single moms are living in poverty in this country. record number of people, 47 million people on food stamps and 2.3 million homes foreclosed upon. >> do we want to see peace in the middle east? absolutely. do we want to encourage that? yes. but for that to happen, the palestinians are going to want to sit down and negotiate and so are the israelies and i know israelies are ready, willing and able to do so without preseasons. >> joining us our political panel abc news rick klein, and washington examine chief political correspond brian york. rick, what did you think? >> this is a nation angry and disappointed. i think mitt romney played disappointed because that is where the election going to be determined. i think he was very effective in building foundations around
9:51 pm
his biography. it wasn't red meat this is someone projecting disappointment. that, those voters out there he needs to convince. he's got angry ones already. he needs the ones that feel like barack obama tried and didn't get the job done. >> if you tuned in you saw it begin with an odd stick by clint eastwood. i agree with rick about mitt romney's performance. for me one of the parts of the evening there were testimonial was em -- testimonials about people helped in his life, a family lost a 14-year-old son laid out a careful narrative starting with family, then move together business affairs then moving to the state of massachusetts then olympics.
9:52 pm
it laid out his life and things he's achieved. you probably wish more people have seen that. >> and you know, you know i thought that was powerful. >> you know, there is a lot of talk about whether mitt romney was going to open up and i thought it's going to be a challenge but i do think romney faces a real personal problem in his campaign. he's got an economic argument well said. i think voters are unhappy about the economy. the question is do we know this guy? do we like him? >> he's a reserved guy. and there is some people who said he's a very reserved guy. >> he's a private guy. >> and what more did you need to know about him? >> and he hasn't talked about bain. he hasn't told the positive
9:53 pm
story. he hasn't talked about how much george w. bush in 2000 and 2004 talked about his faith and kind of his spiritual awakening. new i'm in the saying that as a personal criticism. i'm saying if you fi thi it helps explain why voters seem to give barack obama higher personal remarks. but het me add i didn't see that trance form tiff opening up tonight. i think this is what he sees what we get is the a good faith but not that transformation people were looking for. >> this is an opportunity. >> that is all we're going to get from him. and now calculating the voter isn't going dislike president ob yuma or like mitt romney anymore. that is i saw saw a key line
9:54 pm
tonight. i wanted president obama to succeed because the nation would have succeeded. that is what the driving the voters out there. >> another key line is if it's a bad thing when the best thoughts you have about the president are the day you voted for him. what was good. then another line was president obama promised to stop the rise in the oceans. i pledge to help you and your family. that is very effective. >> not an angry message. you make an excellent point wex talked about tea party and anger out there. and all of us were at a lot of events. we saw voters that just wanted to stand up and yell and give speeches but the tone was sorrow, not anger mpl let's do something we don't feel great about doing. but we gave the guy a chance. it's over. >> gentlemen. thank you. >> and last night it was kid rock. tonight it's journey. this convention is really rocking and griff jenkins takes you live to the next big
9:55 pm
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9:58 pm
>> the republican national convention is still in tampa, rocking. this week's festivities ending with a really big party. griff jenkins, of course, is live at the journey concert. griff? >> reporter: greta, we are back in the party zone and journey, the band that has spanned generations, started in 1973, is rocking the convention. i am not the only person who is back here. do you know who is back tonight? the house majority whip kevin mccarthy. he said, this man is of my generation, i'm loving it. people are going crazy. they are absolutely -- we had people holding up iphones as
9:59 pm
if they were lighters, they are playing a ballad song. one important thing about this band that you need to know is that the singer is a young filipino, he's bringing it down. another person we ran into, former secretary of energy, spencer abraham, up in the v.i.p. section, having an absolute blast. as you can see, we have lots of fans here. they are enjoying the show. i mean, i don't have to speak. what's happening on this stage up here. the scene is unbelievable. >> i promise you -- there is a lot of air guitar. >> can you dance a little bit? >> reporter: i will put the mike down.


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